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Zamyatkin method

This approach is similar to audiolingual in that it involves listening and repeating texts english to tamil. The technique consists of two main blocks:

Memorization of language matrices;
Reading books.

Matrices are understood as dialogues and monologues, composed of grammatical constructions and vocabulary on various topics. For example: flight, shop, car rental. By repeating them out loud, you memorize speech patterns. In parallel with this, you need to parse unknown words. After mastering the matrices, proceed to reading a book in a foreign language. So you will consolidate the learned material and replenish your vocabulary. Matrices for some languages ​​can be found on the Internet.

This approach takes a lot of time and effort. To speak a foreign language with its help, you need to set aside several hours every day for memorizing dialogues. In general, the technique is interesting and for some even effective, but it takes valuable time.