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Translation of documentation for heating equipment

Heating equipment and latin to english translator is an integral part of the life of a modern person. It is it that provides the optimal temperature regime in residential and industrial premises. At the present time, there are several types of heating equipment designed for both private houses and production workshops. The main types include: water, steam, air, and dynamic heating. As for hot water heating, liquid is the main source of heat energy. It is the most widely used type of residential heating today.

As you know, steam heating equipment is prohibited for installation in residential buildings. The heat source for the steam heating system is a conventional steam boiler or pressure reducing device. Air heating is used in most storage facilities with extensive heating volumes. In this case, either a heat generator or a heater can act as a heat source. Both devices are capable of maintaining the selected temperature regime on a constant basis.

Dynamic heating is truly innovative. The principle of operation is as follows: during operation, one part of the generated energy is directed into the room, and the other is spent on the operation of the pump, which is located between the external atmosphere and the building.

Heating boilers used in systems can differ in the way they work. Different elements can be used as fuel: gas, wood, coal, etc. Some of them are capable of operating on several types of fuel simultaneously (combined heating boilers) ..