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False friends of the English translator

Very often, not only translators, but also ordinary people who study English and english to telugu translate, come across words that have analogues in Russian, but have a completely different meaning in English. One of the reasons for this phenomenon is the mutual borrowing of words from different languages. Such words are false friends of the translator. Although we usually spend some time studying these words, we believe that periodically re-reading them and learning more of these words will never be superfluous both for the translators themselves and for those who are studying English.

We bring to your attention a selection of the above words from KGB Language Services:

AGITATOR is an instigator (not an agitator). The word may be translated incorrectly, since “agitator” and “instigator” in some cases can be used interchangeably. However, it is worth remembering the difference: the word “instigator” has a negative connotation.
BEHEMOTH is a monster, a monster. The meaning “hippo” is deprecated. The use of obsolete meaning is found only in biblical texts. Although in the famous video game Heroes of Might and Magic, the name of one of the creatures is often translated as “hippopotamus”.
DIAMOND – rhombus; tambourines, a card of diamonds suit. Often translators forget about these meanings of the word, using only the popular “diamond”, “diamond”, not to mention the outdated “diamond”.
COLLABORATION – any cooperation. Our people are used to understanding this word in the sense of “helping the enemy, the enemy”.
NOVELIST is a novelist. This word should never be translated as “novelist”. Confusion with meanings could also appear because the genre classification of literature in the post-Soviet space differs from the Western European one. There are no stories in foreign literature; only stories or novels. All opuses that are larger than a story in terms of volume, storyline and number of characters are considered novels. And short stories often combine several storylines at once.
PRINCIPAL is the headmaster of the school. Sometimes this word can be confused with the word “principle” (principle) even English-speaking people, since both words have the same pronunciation, but different spelling.
PROFANE – blasphemous, obscene. This word is never translated as “layman, clumsy, dilettante.” There is another word for this – ignoramus.
There are a great many other false friends of the translator, but they can only be covered by a specialized dictionary, which no one has ever taken up in our memory. Take note of these words and don’t be mistaken in your translations!