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Business Etiquette in the USA

The British and Americans differ in the style of negotiation, business. How to behave with American partners and how use spanish translator?

The USA is a multinational country that has a variety of cultures and traditions. For centuries, the formation of nationality took place with the help of Irish, German, Italian or other roots. Unlike the British, Americans quickly switch to informal communication, which, for example, may seem unacceptable or even rude to Europeans.

Americans value their time very much. “Time is money” (saying by Benjamin Franklin) is very relevant to this day and is seen as the meaning of life for the majority. Time that did not bring profit or benefit is considered wasted. And in a business style of communication, business punctuality is the best indicator of the reliability and trust of a partner.

American greetings are short, non-informative, and often formal. They may not even shake hands with you (both during greeting and farewell), but simply ask “Hello”, or “How are you?” or just “hi”. And this does not mean that you need to fully describe how you are doing, what’s new and what goals are planned. It is enough to answer “Well, thank you”. When saying goodbye, the phrase “See you later” also does not necessarily mean that you will see each other again. And the phrases “We’ll have to get together” or “Let’s do lunch” does not mean at all that the interlocutor invited you to visit. These phrases are said because “it is customary.” But if you still want to meet later, then it is better to clarify the date and time right away, otherwise it will remain just a decent phrase. When meeting Americans, they immediately switch to “you”. This applies not only to ordinary acquaintances of friends, acquaintances, but also business partners. At the same time, they are careless about names. They do not remember them well, or they can create any form of your name at all. Therefore, you can independently offer them a form of your name that is convenient for you. For example: “My name is Rajesh Bhatnagar. You can call me Raj.”

Americans really don’t like it when their personal space is violated. Therefore, when talking, you should keep a distance of at least 60 cm. Although in a friendly conversation they can pat on the back. A smile is an essential attribute of American style. They always smile, even to strangers. At the same time, smiles are expected in return.

Maintaining business contacts.
American communication is pretty logical. Yes means Yes, No means no, and Maybe means really “Maybe” and not a delicate refusal. Americans greatly appreciate the written conclusion of contracts and agreements. When signing documents, pay special attention to the entire contract, as well as the fine print. When mentioning persons, titles and addresses should be correctly indicated. Don’t be late for a meeting. This will immediately say that you are not serious about the matter, do not respect your partner. If you are still late – call, apologize. Also, when naming dates and times for the completion of any work, be sure to observe the agreed deadlines. Otherwise, you will be considered irresponsible (however, as in any other country). Business meetings are often scheduled for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Americans love to eat and do it fast enough. Therefore, the meetings, as a rule, are not delayed. Do not be surprised if business meetings can be arranged at home. It speaks of a demonstration of open intentions and complete trust.